April 26th, 2007


Exactly What You Want

---------------------------------- A Tribute to Tea --------------------------------

I bought some more tea whilst in Nottingham. Earl Grey, and Rooibos (Redbush) with Orange. I already miss both, so I'll need to add them to my supply at some point. It would appear that, whilst I have little enthusiasm for alcohol (although I do enjoy the odd wine or rum), I'm a major fan of hot drinks. I already have four different green tea blends to choose from, as well as Lapsang Souchong (Smoke-Tea), Rooibos (South African caffeine-free tea), China tea (a Tesco leaf blend), and various fruit/herbal blends (including Lemon & Ginger, Honey & Vanilla, and Peppermint). I still love my coffee, however, and I'm a fan of black New-York coffee for working, sugary and strong coffee for mornings, cappuccinos when drinking out, and mocchas when I feel like treating myself. I've cut a little down on the coffee as tea is healthier, but I still feel much better having a green tea (with lemon) than a Sprite, or having cranberry juice instead of a coke. Indeed, the only soft drinks I still drink from time to time are ginger beer and irn bru...

I also taught my family the trick of adding turmeric to rice. Whilst I'm no cook, I do love my seasonings. When I have one of my own, my kitchen will be full of smells. As opposed to the smell that is still lingering in part of our kitchen from a saucepan of beans that was left here for a week. Urgh, not nice.

--------------------------------------- Spread Wings --------------------------------

My Granddad gave me a travel grant for my birthday. That, and the fact that travel is just about one of the only things I'd actually spend money on (aside from tea and spices, obviously), has got my Wanderlust reeling. I've been eyeing the gap between the end of my time at Hazel and the beginning of my year in Germany (more on that later). The problem is that it tallies with the time of Summer holidays, so prices will be high-high-high.

Where would I go, though? Nowhere too grand. I would indeed like to visit Japan someday, but that can wait (epecially until I can actually speak some Japanese beyond the usual anime vocabulary and historic words like daimyo and zaibatsu. No, I'd either go wandering around Europe (maybe InterRail), or go Stateside. After all, I was meant to go to New York last year, but because of the chaos with the Model UN fees, I didn't, even after pondering what I'd do. I'd be travelling solo, which is fine by me, but it'd still be nice to meet up with people. One reason why I'm seriously considering New York sometime in the next year or so is the economic situation. With £1=$2, it's currently very affordable for me to go. However, because I'd be travelling in July or August, unless I wanted to travel from Germany, flying across the Atlantic may push my pocket a little farther than I would like.

I'm still gazing at my atlas. Someday, world, someday.

-------------------------------------- Random -----------------------------

* For those who remember Thomas from AZUK (thomasrupaan), he has put his recent animations from his uni animation course up on YouTube. Look up 'afrogoblin'.

* RHUL have once again made it to the filming stages of University Challenge. Yes, I am bitter. I'll still struggle to get on the team for either next year or the year after, because I reckon I'm good enough to hold the fourth seat (weakest on the team, but, hey, I'm no Stephen Fry). I just wonder if the year I make it is the year we don't make the filming stage. Oh well. It's a dream, that's all.

* THE DAR-LEKS MUST EE-VOLVE. O-BEY, O-BEY, O-BEY. (I loved how much history made its way into last week's programme).

* Now that One Piece has been newly licenced, it's disappeared off YouTube and CrunchyRoll, so our rate of watching has dramatically dropped. Just as well, given that we have exams coming up, but I was still quite irritated when I realised.

* I just realised that when I count things, if there are a fair amount of them (more than 10 or 15), I'll count in threes. For example, when counting the number of dashes in the breaks I typed earlier. 3,6,9... Does anyone else do this, or do you count in twos instead? I can only presume I've developed this system from the counting I did for A-Level Statistics.

* Overheard on the train to London: 'The problem with the Internet is that it gives you exactly what you want'.