April 20th, 2007


It's just the Echoes of Time

I've been thinking a little about my LJ. What I use it for. I don't really have the time to use it as the detailed diary it once was, although it still provides a useful account of my life (or tries to. Reading it, you'd think all I ever did were essays). A friend of mine who is one of these people who works every minute they can, have their life planned out in stages, and seems set for success, has recently set up a blog at Café Lumière. It contains very few details about his daily life, and instead consists of facts, observations, plans and opinions. It's certainly a far cry from my ('So today I went to buy some drinks, and on the way, I couldn't help thinking how blue the sky was').

Going back through the archives recently to find a post of photos that is currently the only record of my holiday in the Czech Republic, I came across some things that make me look back in bafflement. 17-year old me actually made a post with the title 'I HATE MY LIFE', which seems really rather melodramatic given I can't even remember what it was about. Well. We change don't we? I've considered privatising the whole first year of this, because anyone reading it is coming across a me from 5 years ago who was pretty different.

I decided to rehaul my interests list, given that its core has remained unchanged for years. Comparing the two, there wasn't all that much difference. I now drink green tea, and I've got a specialised interest in a few areas which I have studied at Uni. I'm also being less vague: yes, I do like the sky, but...

On the train, passing a Middle England respendent in azure blue and a myriad shades of green, I thought about where I stood. I don't mean in the 'On the Midland Mainline 1255 service to Nottingham'. I meant timewise. The Virginia Tech incident made me reflect on the sense of unity that exists at college, even if it is far more tenuous than that at school. As of present, I'm a Hollowegian (or Rhulian...we don't really have a collective name). After Uni, then what? RHUL as an Alma Mater, and the world of employment ahead. To use a vaguely obscure allegory, I'm happier staying in Midgar for now, and Kalm and Junon can wait a little longer, even though they bring Yuffie and materia. Nevertheless, I can see the future on the horizon now. It's no longer just a page in a travel guide.

So back to my LJ. Am I going to turn it into opinions and observations? Nope. I include those anyhow, although I mix them up with my personal experiences. I do change the way I blog, over time, but it's not a conscious decision. It all depends what I feel like writing about.

(Post title comes from 'Echoes of Time' by local prog rockers, Monocracy.)