April 16th, 2007


Welcome to the Highway

As the time thingy tells you, it's pretty late, so I won't go into any specifics. I just have some information to impart: this is a time when the tide changes and the same seas flow in different directions.

Firstly, and most importantly, my loan letter arrived. I had £15 in my account: now it's quite a bit more. I can pay off the rent for this year anyhow, which erases that worry totally, and I don't feel quite as guilty doing grocery shopping as I have since about the beginning of March. I could technically splash out with the money, as I've been relatively frugal since New Year due to my depleting loan from last year, but I see no reason to throw money away on things I really won't need.

Speaking of which, I have a new phone. I didn't feel I needed one, but my old one was having issues with the SIM card randomly not being recognised (although it tended to happen when phoning home), and anyhow, Vodafone had some offer going so that I could have a new one with no extra cost. By 'new one', this means one with a camera, internet facilities, screensavers and so on. It's not the best one they offered, but I don't want to go as top-of-the-range as I can, because a) I'm scared it'll be stolen from what is a rather easy target, and b) I don't need all the mod cons. As far as I'm concerned, a phone is a phone. I've still been using the new one, and indeed, I've taken a few (blurred) photos with it, played around with the themes, and filled it with as many 16-bit video game music MIDIs as I wanted (There's not room for MP3s). I feel beautifully geeky having my ring tone as the Bridge Zone from Sonic Game Gear, or Kefka's theme, or the Last City theme from Sword of Vermillion. Also, I can't help thinking of the eclective when I'm playing tunes from FFVI or Secret of Mana. My old phone is staring at me accusingly. I'll probably keep it for when I'm moving about a lot, because it's the sort that's too old to get stolen, unlike the new one. I don't want a repeat of my FMA Wallet incident.

What else? Ah, I'm back in Englefield Green. I've spent a few more days with Holly, before she heads back, and then I'll have some time here alone before heading back up to Nottingham for another weekend, and then spending the last week here for revision. Midland Mainline are getting to know me well, although playing my cards right, the fares only cost about £25 (£11 London-Nottingham). On my way back down, two seperate people in my carriage discovered their Railcards had expired a few days ago and yesterday respectively, and each thus had to pay £65 for a new ticket. That's how MM make their money. Incidentally, I almost got trapped on the Underground. I bought a ticket at St. Pancras for Egham, under the impression I could use it to get to Waterloo, but it wouldn't let me through the barriers. My Nottingham-London ticket, however, did. Oh well. However, at Waterloo, neither would let me through. The guy at the manned gate waved me through without looking closely at my tickets, so I don't know whether I made an illegal Underground journey or not.

I made a quick decision on my horse for the Grand National on Saturday morning, as my family have always betted on it (never very much, each family member choosing one horse, it's the only betting we do). The horse stayed at the back of the field until almost at the end, when it fell. Conversely, my Dad picked the winner and the one that came 3rd, so he's quite happy about that. I was happy that Doctor Who was still on, and whilst I really enjoyed the episode (American Gothic, Elderly lesbian carspotters, Bowler hat businessmen), I did find that my Dad's point that nothing much actually happened to have been rather accurate. Ah well. Away from the TV, we've been watching more One Piece. We're stalling at 151 for the next week or so, as we won't be toegether to watch it, but goodness, that episode certainly raises the game a fair bit, heehee.

We had a meal at the restaurant Bin 28 tonight. It was good value, and the wine was nice, but the soup wasn't anything special, and I've now verified that while I no longer feel nauseated by salmon, I'm not a particularly huge fan of it either. It was a very pleasant atmosphere, however, and I'd really like to go back and sit there late in the evening with a coffee, lounge music, and a notepad. I feel the need to be a little more creative these days.

Thanks for your replies to the Voice Post (although no replies for the Storyteller post? I go on too much).