April 1st, 2007


The Relief of April

Well, long time no write.

I don't know why, but I always seem to slip into a period of near-total inactivity after a period of essays. I think it's because I spend so long waiting for the essays to be over, I immediately jump at the chance to do things...and in this case, to do nothing very much. I pretty much spent Friday sleeping, and Saturday was divided between sleeping, half-tidying my room, and a walk to Saville Gardens and back (just in time for Doctor Who). I had plans for today, including an April Fool, but I only woke up at 11:30 (despite going to bed not long after midnight), and most of the day has already disappeared (although I did spend an hour checking Collapse )

After the Kafka, my final essay had been on the film Collapse )

It was a definite relief to break away from it and go to a 'Essays Complete' celebratory Collapse )

I've been wanting all week to just wander about taking photographs, as the weather has been so beautiful, akin to late May. However, as my essays disappared, so did the gentle warmth, and Friday was a day of half-spirited drizzle and a dull grey that floated above everyone. Collapse )

I still need to tackle my failings, though, as this term's essays have shown me well enough. I got my History essays back. The one I didn't finish got a 58, which is pretty good for a half-complete essay, but still leaves me feeling guilty. Nevertheless, the lesson on Thursday was about the Japanese Economic Miracle, and I answered enough to be confident that I do have that topic prepared. My Romanticism essay was marked down for being way too long and 'not well structured', but as the content was 'excellent', I got a 70.

Yesterday, I looked for a few things in my room and couldn't find them. Yes, it has reached that state, after three weeks of essays. I'm aware that I'm going to have to tackle it soon, but I've been putting it off this weekend. Instead, I decided to treat myself to a walk in Collapse )

Doctor Who? As good as I expected. This season looks like it's going to be fantastic. The idea behind this episode was also rather interesting, and Martha is shaping up to be a welcome change from Rose. For those who are into it, be sure to add martha_j, a syndication of Martha's blog that seems to be genuine (for example, mentioning Mr. Stoker long before the episode was broadcast).

My other geek pursuit of the moment is Collapse )

All righty then, I'll stop this entry here. I still want to go for a walk before Holly gets back from work, although this time I'll wander around Egham and Englefield Green rather than the Great Park. It's fairer on Holly, as she's been wanting for go for a parkwalk as well lately, and as we'll both have free time for the first time in ages this week, it's something to aim for (I'm also planning a touristy trip around London). Lots of photos, of course. For those of you who don't check the (many) galleries of my Facebook account, I'll look towards setting up a photo-journal on LJ so I can post them here too. On that note, also look forward to the following appearing in my journal in this coming week:

Collapse )

All the best, Livejournallers!