March 29th, 2007


Guilt is never in doubt.

Kafka really is very weird. Not in the Internet-weird sense, but on a whole different level of weird. Oddly, I didn't find 'In the Penal Colony' as squicky as many do. Then again, I'm not one of those (possibly including Kafka himself) who see it as sado-masochistic pornology. Kafka is just very very easy to analyse, simply because there are so many possible interpretations that can be taken very deeply, and the glorious truth is that all and none of them are valid. It's such a joy after what felt like months of History characterised by either statistics, or interlinking philosophy (speaking of which, I found my Romanticism book I ordered off Amazon back in January this morning. Ganz typisch (für mich)).

David Tennant was on Virgin Radio a few minutes ago. That certainly perked me up from the odd sickness I'd developed around 5:30am, and had taken to Campus with me through the light drizzle. At one point, I thought I'd have to abandon my plans for today, but I'm now back on track, even if I'm setting myself a bit of an impossible task soon (ah well, I've earned it).

This is the final straight. After today, it's holidays, revision, exams, holiday and Germany. The only essays are those that come in the exams. Things are looking up. It turns out even this tunnel has an end. I'm not quite out of the gloom yet, although the fact the weather has changed from 'Let's-pretend-it's-May' to 'Let's-be-sure-it's-grey' has helped.

All righty then, back to religious allegory, excruciating torture, authoritarian dictators and metaphysical objections. ♥