March 20th, 2007



Finished at 1pm 19/03/07
1500 words...over the 2000 word limit (surprise!)
33 pages of printouts in total
Over 50 hours in time

I slept from 8pm-11am after missing proper sleep since Thursday
I almost collapsed out of fatigue, hunger and thirst walking home afterwards.

Collapse )

Now onto the extension-granted-out-of-the-fact-the-essay-is-formative East Asia essay. Then, next week, I have Kafka ('In der Strafkolonie') and 1950s German Film. And more essays until next Spring.

As Absolute Harmony a-cappella choir sang in a fabulous recent concert:
It's the Final Countdown (da-da-da-daaah, da-de-de-de-daaah)....