March 19th, 2007


The Last of the Romantics

I told you this beast refused to die. I can get it finished within an hour, but as I've a lecture in half-an-hour, I'm not working flat-out. I've been doing just that for some time now, as this PC lab underwent its nightly transformation from loud, crowded theatre for foreign students (midnight-3am) to quieter theatre for foreign students (3am-6am) to peaceful (6am-now). It has felt so good to finally tackle this essay, and once again, I've had it slapped in my face that due to the word count, about half the work I did with my notes was quite unecessary. Oh well. I had a spiritual moment at 4am, when I stopped the Counting Crows track I was listening to, only to hear this chilled ethreal music fill the room. The guys who had their speakers on full blast had obviously changed their taste from the earlier R&B to something akin to those bridges from popular trance, except without the trance on either side. Amongst the harmony, I glanced out of the window to see the black sky bespeckled with millions of falling balls of silver. It was snowing, but silently, without any interference, and with bigger snowflakes than I have seen for ages. That helped cheer me up somewhat after I spent much of the loud period being too distracted to focus, and ending up catching myself procrastinating on Wikipedia.

I've got the bulk of the essay out of the way. I've said what the problem is, and explained what Romanticism is against, and where it came from. I've only got left to say what it actually stands for, which involves a little bit on poetry, a large bit on the infinite, a bit on religion, and then a large bit on medievalism. It's a bit yo-yo, but I've got enough quotes to bounce it out. I'm looking forward to actually show my geekside at the end by mentioning modern medievalist Romanticism, such as Ren. Faires, Blackmore's Night, the Society for Creative Anachronism, Holloway Household (Historical Re-enacment) and maybe even my own LJ icon. I do like my Romantic art, oh yes.

Anyhow, I shall dump on offer you my essay as far as I have got (I've got most of the rest planned out, shan't take too long).


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Sadly, I cannot now relax having finished this. The East Asia essay is equally late, and not started. I've been trying not to think about that one too much, because I can't see a happy way out, and depression gets in the way of writing essays. I should know. I don't think a piece of work has ever gotten me so low before. I actually got a point where I half-believed I'd never finish the essay, and I'd never get to finish the term. It's a little like a nightmare that has sunk its teeth into your mind and refuses to let go.