March 18th, 2007


Essay Update

So I finally have a plan. It took long enough to formulate, especially since I'm now so tired that I can't really do much (and thus shall soon be heading back for a nap and coffee). It's not a brilliant plan, but basically, Romanticism is made of up of hundreds of dots, and it's up to you to join the dots, although this time there are no numbers, so your eventual drawing will be jagged whatever you do.

However, I'm quickly losing faith in having Dr. Mark's essay done for Monday morning. I'll try and have it done for the evening, rushed, but...well, I'll be lucky if I get out of it with no penalties. Romanticism has eaten East Asia.

Oh, and I can't believe this nation choose Scooch for Eurovision. They are cheesier than extra mature cheddar, and spend half their time glitzing rather than actually singing. At least it was better than the runner-up, Cyndi, who breathes in the wrong places, and whose song was 'You Raise Me Up' with the opening of 'Loch Lomond'. Big Brovaz or Justin would have been much better choices, but I have a feeling the country is voting for the act they think is best for Eurovision, rather than the act they think is best, and this country's perception of Eurovision is 20 years out of date.

I thereby present you with this: 'Something Romantic' by The Exhausted.

I chose an essay that was something Romantic,
but it only proved to be extremely frantic.
I drowned in it like in the Ocean Atlantic,
how can a project turn so pedantic?

It's proved to be a most unwise antic,
my notes lists just get more gigantic,
infinitely extolling phrases consonantic,
philosophing self is something Romantic.

Romanticism sounds like an error semantic,
it seems more like something necromantic,
turning me increasingly sychophantic,
isn't it supposed to be something Romantic?

It has only proved to be extremely frantic,
I drowned in it like in the Ocean Atlantic,
So drained I made up words like 'exhaustantic'...
I suppose that qualifies as something Romantic.

I'll get my coat.