February 18th, 2007



Okay, now that essays are over, and now that I'm alive again after collapsing after them, I'm going straight off to the German Capital until Wednesday. I don't even think I have time to do a proper update now, other than give a brief debriefing.

'Brief debriefing'...don't you just love the English language?

Anyhow, in my mad rushed panic, I somehow completed two 2000 word essays, going over the wordlimits on both, despite a conscious effort not to. Well, I didn't have time to edit them. I did manage to interview my Grandfather for the Malay essay, and whilst it wasn't quite on time, it won't have any negative effects, as Dr. Mark left early and therefore cannot distinguish the essays left outside his door at 4pm (in deadline) and 6:30pm (just past deadline...arguably).

So, Berlin. No, I really am not prepared, coming off the tail end of a mammoth work-period. I shall therefore no doubt spent some time annoyed at how I forgot X and Y. Oh well. It will be a blast from the past, in a way, harking back to the days I spent there with the school in 2002 and 2003. Only, this time we'll be a lot more free to do things. N'aer mind, I'm still looking forward to doing such things as eating pizza outside the Europa Centre, hearing the Gleisdreieck announcement on the U2, wandering in a daze around KaDeWe, freezing whilst walking along the East Side Gallery, and warming up to a hot drink with marshmallows in the Sony Centre. So I hope, anyhow. Our itenerary isn't all that fixed. We will be staying at the Hotel Amadeus, which is beautifully situated just the other side of Charlottenberg station to the hostel we stayed at with the school, so it's familiar territory, to some extent. Berlin seems to change every visit, however. It's that kind of Stadt.

Okay then, I'll sign off here because I really need to do more packing, but for now, I shall leave you with the 18-hour essay on Malaya:

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