February 7th, 2007


Jumping Jack Frost

It was frosty this morning. I noticed this as I rather foolishly left my gloves, bought from a Woolworths in Tangermünde, at home. To be fair, I was in a hurry, as I had slept rather fitfully last night with odd dreams, and was not feeling up to getting up at 8 as I meant to. I eventually was left with the choice between running to campus, leaving be breathless and full of lactic acid, but only being 5 minutes late, or staying at home with cereal and a coffee, walking to campus, and being 15 minutes late. I opted for the latter, and I paid off. Coffee, I have discovered, is a great healer, and breakfasts really do make a difference. I only wish I had given myself time to have some toast as well, with yoghurt and some juice, as I'm hungry now, as I often am in the mornings where my breakfast is slim to non-exsistant. I don't understand how some people never bother with the morning meal.

Student Loan trouble seems to be coming to an end. I had enough money deposited in my account to save me from trouble, although it doesn't pay my rent. I went to the college to get them to drop the £600 fee they were putting on me, and had to endure 10 minutes of being given the "You're an idiot, you're the one to blame, pay up" before one form in particular out of the five I'd brought with me suddenly changed the tone to "Okay, it's sorted". I have spent £20 of said money on a few new CDs for myself, though, rather shamefully. They were cheap second-hand ones, so I can justify it in my mind. The artists concerned, for those interested, are Tracy Chapman, The Killers and Secret Garden.

Campus elections have been taking place recently. The chaos is not yet over, so we don't know who has won. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk too much about it until that point, however, so I'll just state that I have spoken to a few of the candidates who are my friends, and it's been stressful for them.

Walking back from campus yesterday, I came across a rather savage arguement at the junction of Blays Lane with the Hazel Close alley. An old man was walking down the road with his dog, when a skinhead in his late 20s/early 30s stopped his bike, and shouted in his leather jacket at the old man. He was most uncouthe, having no respect and interlacing every shouted phrase with various insults. The basic arguement was that Skinhead had told Gentlemen to get a muzzle on his dog. Gentleman replied how his dog didn't need one, it was safe. Skinhead replied that he ought to slap Gentlemen for being cheeky, and told Gentleman that if Dog bit Skinhead's child, Skinhead would kill Dog (rather gruesomely) and burn down Gentleman's house. I took a diversion to avoid the arguement, but it was still rather chilling just how...antisocial Skinhead was being. Then again, the Estate isn't the most civilised of places. One woman at the end of our road spends her mornings standing on her doorstep, staring straight ahead, with Heart radio blaring out from the house behind her. Nevertheless, I feel quite safe walking to and from campus at any time.

I'm also currently watching Haunted Junction with Holly. The last time I saw that 10-year-old anime was in late 2001 at NAMSoc, so watching it is more than a little disconcerting. My world of then now seems so distant...

3 days until I'm 20!