February 4th, 2007


On The Heath

The Heath wasn't as nice as I had expected. I say that largely because despite it being a beautiful day, the ground was still very wet, and the route down to the fields had me navigating a narrow footpath between two fences that was muddy enough to name the whole route "Quagmire Gorge". Once at the Heath, the path leading further on was impassable without wellingtons, and I was already bespeckled with enough dirt to continue. Instead, I remained where I was, cleaning the wettest mud off me with the tall grass around. As the railway line ran along the other side of the field, I decided to wait for a train. In typical southwesttrains fashion, none came for twenty minutes and then four passed by at once. The wait on the empty heath was enlightening, however, for as I waited there, growing increasingly impatient, I noticed more and more. There was a feather caught between two bushes, and some long grass had a strange yellowish smear across it. There were low squelchy moss-like plants clinging to the wet ground. I hadn't seen any of these when I initially tried crossing the field, but only after stopping and really looking. I think I can glean a lesson from that.

I later learnt that there was a less dirty way to get to the heath, as the other footpath from the field led to the level crossing just aside Noble's Field at the bottom end of Campus (although between the crossing and heath was a narrow alley between two wire fences that required leaping from plank to plank to cross. It was like a brief, but real, platform game). I may go back sometime when it's drier, but my curiosity has been, for now, satisfied.

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