January 25th, 2007

Nao Claws

The Student Loans Company & Their Exceedingly Short-term Memory

The Student Loans Company are morons.

Let me explain. Last year, I had no trouble with them. They asked me and my family for data, we sent it them, and all was fine, I got my loan.

However, I was lax in sending off for this year's loan. I eventually did it in November, which wasn't hard as they only needed to re-verify what they collected last year. Or so they claimed. I was notified in December that they needed proof of my parents' working hours and pay and so on. I thought this a little odd, considering they asked for that the year before, and didn't claim to need it this time, but oh well. It took a long while for my father to find his data, which he last held in April.

At the same time, I'm getting no loan. Despite how little I spend per week, my money is finite, and rent is substantial. My £3k has gradually diminished since last academic year. At the same time, the college are slapping me with a £500 extra charge for not having a student loan (ie: being self-supporting, which I'm not). The college cannot remove this charge until I present them with proof I have my loan.

Anyhow, in early January, I get notified by my parents that they sent the data off, and all is fine. I relax, tell the college, and pay the rent for all of Winter. When I check my bank balance a few days later, however, I notice it seemed exactly as before, around £450. I figured that they'd sent me the loan for Autumn, and my rent had cancelled it out. Fine. I begin to worry about whether I'll be sent the Winter loan as well.

My landlord phoned me up two hours ago. The cheque was rejected. In other words, I haven't recieved anything. I phone home to find out what's going on. Apparently the Student Loans Company, after saying all was okay, have now said that they want my parents' pay slips from 2005, not 2006. Much 'WTF'age followed. For one thing, we sent them off before I even came to RHUL. Mum had the photocopies to prove it (which she has now sent to the Student Loans Company). The Company claim I can't be paid anything until then...despite the fact I got my loan last year, which not sending the 2005 payslips would have ruled out. Pointing out to them that they sent me loan last year, thus proving they have the details, is doing no good.

All the while, my money is draining. I've got several costly events coming up too. I'm going to have to throw myself into substantial employment if this keeps up, to prevent hitting the red, and I don't even need to.

I'm most annoyed.