January 23rd, 2007

Princess Down


This is far more stressful than it need be. Never mind the falling asleep afore doing any work last night, it's that I'm having to do a lot of things all at once. I've got a small piece to write on the EU for 3pm, but I've neither the time nor the specific question. Equally, I've a piece to read for German Film later, but that's managable. At the same time, I need to get a new SU card, as the last time I remember having my current one was December in Nottingham, and it may still be there, or, worse, lost along with some shower gel and part of a razor on the train from Stansted. I can't find it, and there are a few events in the next few weeks I'll need it for, hence I ought to buy a new one, nevermind the cost for replacements. One reason this is pressing is that there's a General Meeting tonight, which I'm supposed to be at, and need an SU card for. The GM also means I will not be able to spend the evening in the library as I had hoped.

Better still, we've just been notified by the landlord that our house is too messy and putting off potential tenants for next year. Apparently an estate agent was quite cross about it. The communal spaces, the parts he moaned about, aren't at all bad in our house right now: they're far from neat and tidy, but this is a working student house. There is another problem with the estate agent: one turned up without warning one evening and surprised us all, looking around a house that was barely cleaned at all. We set about cleaning it for the next group, who we were told were coming at 2pm, 3pm and 5pm. One group arrived at 2:15pm, in the middle of us engaging in further cleaning following the 2pm-no-show. Just as they left, and we were about to finish the job, the next estate agent turned up. A final group appeared at 6pm. Hardly keeping to the times they claimed, so they don't really have the right to claim we were given fair warning.

As such, I'll now have to rush home after Film to help the mass tidy, have dinner at the same time, then rush back to campus for the GM. The landlord is coming at 9pm to evaluate the house, and we have another group arriving tomorrow apparently. I'm getting very sick of this very quickly. They'll be here at 2pm, so I'm expecting them at 1pm, 3pm or something silly, because estate agents don't believe in punctuality. In the meantime, we'll be deconstructing the house and hiding stuff in the shed simply as having it anywhere else would mean a less-than-pristine household. I hope the group I showed around last week, when the house was nice and clean, decide to take the house, so we can stop having our already-chaotic lives tarnished by external examinations.

Oh, and next door keep playing techno music loud enough to shake the walls. On Sunday night, they did this from 1am to 4am. We were not at all amused.

I get the increasingly-strong feeling of trying to build a vertical pillar out of dry sand. Gragh.