January 17th, 2007


Rainy Daze

Urgh, why do so many guys not wash their hands after going to the toilet?

It's wet and horrid today, and even with an umbrella, my jeans are getting soaked. It's downright miserable, although it makes being indoors at home a lot cosier. What makes things worse, however, is that my shoes, new ones bought just before Christmas, have both come undone at the back, so water seeps into the sole with each step I take on a wet pavement, and my socks are now squelchy. All my other pairs of shoes are still in Nottingham, so I'm stuck squelching for the time being. At least I won't be walking much more today. After German, I'm going straight home and staying there. I'll need to be home anyhow, as we have people coming to look at the house (we have a 'To let' sign up now, it's most unsettling) and I need to tidy up the area around my room before I incur the wrath of the estate agents.

Yesterday, my briefcase strap suddenly came undone as it often does, and it went crashing to the pavement, sending me half-with it. Some girl found it hilarious. I was not amused, and swore at her in return. I regret it now, but I had had a stressful morning, and, well, now and again it's good to let your tensions out.

My loan finally come through after a few months of pointless bureaucracy on the part of Nottingham City Council. I think it did, anyhow, but I just paid a quarter of the year's rent, so I still have little cash in my account. No job either, as Sainsbury's apparently only wanted me for before Christmas, and as their only two training days overlapped with the only two evenings I had lectures in, they told me to wait until 2007. So...back to square one, then. I do believe I am yet to get the loan for this semester, however, otherwise I'm not going to make it to April in the clear...

Musically, I'm not listening to Virgin as much now. I have less time to, for one thing, and I'm also getting tired of their usual playlist, especially those songs that are played every two hours or so which I don't particularly like. Classic FM goes better with the early mornings, hence my rediscovery of the current music, but I've also listened to Wir sind Helden a fair few times. On another note, I spent several hours of last night watching the first series of 'Allo 'Allo, which has made me all nostalgic for classic sitcoms, especially given what passes for comedy on TV these days. Ah well.

I wasted a fair few hours of Tuesday morning through a dream I had just afore awakening. It featured an alternate world, and was moving enough to leave me thoroughly confused for an hour or so. I remember trying to go to Hazel, but there was an entirely different house there. We somehow befriended a family living nearby, and a girl about my age (who might even have been my alternate, who knows) explained to us the basics of her world, with a fair degree of amusement and amazement. I remember fairly little apart from a map, showing the 'English Empire', which covered most of Great Britain and Ireland (although not Cornwall and Somerset), all of France aside from the part South of Bordeaux and Lyon, and Northern Germany up until Usedom and Stettin, where the other superpower of Europe began, the USSR, which also possessed the whole Baltic coast of Sweden. It was most odd, but there was a lot more to that world, hence the later confusion. Alas, however, as I don't remember very much else.

Currying Favour

Vindaloo curries are very spicy, but they leave you glowing for hours afterwards, as we found out on Monday. I must confess that our meals have advanced a great deal this year. Once upon a time, super noodles and potato smilies were the usual, but these days, we have stir fries, curries, traditional meals in gravy...yum. We do need to have some more smilies, though, I miss them. I'm still overly keen to cook pasta, inidentally, throwing in a different batch of herbs, spices and sauces each time to create a different noodley experience. I can only guess what I'll be doing next year in Germany, especially given how I'll be back to cooking for just me.

I seem to have no life. Well, by that, I mean I don't ever seem to be doing anything much. Others from my courses have spent the holiday going out with friends and each other. Some have played a lot of games, some have watched a lot of anime and the like. Some disciplined individuals have done work towards their degrees. Others have had work to distract them from anything else. I...have done none of these things, really. Oh well. I'm not as antisocial as I seem to make out, but it's fair to say most evenings are spent at home, often on Wikipedia looking up the most random things

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