Three Days

In three and a half days I graduate. And on that day, llieno will be retired. I'm moving to scattermoon (and why not as I seem to be moving everywhere else as well!). Please add that journal if you wish to continue to read my updates, since I'm basically friends-only these days. I'm sticking here for just a little while more and will post at least one more reminder, but this is the big 'Heads Up'.

In other brief news, I saw a spider do a vertical backflip on the wall earlier. I'd have clapped had I not been having a shower.
Uke, ZZ Uke


Off to Wales in 50 minutes with Writers' Circle. I wasn't going to go, but then I figured I could go for half the time, and I knew at least three of my close friends were going...although now it turns out one of them isn't, ironically partially because I wasn't going...

The Brecon Beacons and Writing. Should be fun, hopefully, and maybe having a few days away will help right now. I get back on Wednesday sometime.

And don't forget to wear the lilac! (howdotheyrise)
ZZ Shock, Shock

The End

I have just completed my degree.

It's over

and the final word of it all was 'einfach'...

now to join the other German finalists on the Quad and begin an afternoon of relaxation and celebration


Cruelty through Coincidence

...so. One of the things about my dissertation has been that neither my tutor nor anyone else in the History department knows much about my subject area. My German tutors know slightly more, but still very little...

My main source for my dissertation is Daniela Berghahn, who wrote 'Hollywood behind the Wall'.

...turns out she's based HERE in the Media Arts department.

One of the world experts on my subject matter, and I've walked past her window so many times.

...I wish I'd known this earlier!!! It's too late to ask for supervision now, and all I can do is send her a copy of my dissertation...which suddenly seems like a terrifying prospect, considering she'll probably just say I'm repeating what she said in her book...


(Also, icon is from one of the films I'm writing about! It's actually one of the better DEFA films and, dare I say it, totally watchable. Plus, it's got a catchy soundtrack.)

Prey, Cease

The Precis

For those wondering what 30% of the a university Translation course mark is determined in:

1) Be given one long article in German - http://www.harvardbusinessmanager.de/strategien/artikel/a-601026.html

2) Collapse )

3) Collapse )


Okay, so you're only meant to do steps 1 and 3. But I find it much easier to summarise in English, and besides, the translation comes as good practice for the actual translation exam, not to mention expanding my vocabularly. Even if it does take AGES...

Have lots to post about, but not the time now.

The Exammy Nation

Sooo, I finally have my timetable.

Monday 27th April - Finalisation of Dissertation. Possibly the most stressful day of my educational career. There's a Berlin revision class too, but I'm not sure I'll feel able to attend.
Tuesday 28th April - Hand in Dissertation in morning. Would spend afternoon celebrating and possibly drinking a lot but...
Wednesday 29th April - German Oral exam. Scary. But I know I'm not going to do amazingly, so I'll just try and be 'good' and not worry too much.
29/4 - 10/5: REVISE
Friday 8th May - German listening. This does not worry me too much.
Monday 11th May - Berlin. This is the big one, worth more than any of the other exams, and almost 4 hours long. Thank goodness I get do research beforehand, however...
Tuesday 12th May - Holocaust. Coming the day after Berlin is problematic. This one needs a lot of research as well, as does...
Wednesday 13th May - GDR Literature. At least this one I can blag if it comes down to it. In the afternoon, celebrate that the trio are over, but since Holly has exams on the 14th and 15th...
Friday 15th May - Celebrate the end of Exam Week and Holly's birthday. Drink a lot, probably.
Monday 18th May - Holly's birthday visit to Thorpe Park.
Thursday 21st May - Translation. Not really one I can revise for that much, and the same goes for...
Friday 22nd May - German Essays. But this is my last exam. Of my degree. This is the last nightmare before freedom. The evening will be crazy, and the weekend after will be burnout.

So at least I avoid a clash, even if my research exams are on three consecutive days. Had I done Romanticism instead of Holocaust, my 11th May would be Hell on Earth. I am really worried that all exams bar the Oral and Translation are at 9:30am. I am terrified I am going to oversleep, or at least wake up at 9:20 and have to rush to the exam with no breakfast or last-minute revision. I miss afternoon exams where you spend the morning in Cafe Jules revising over coffee...

Truth is, though, when it gets to the 29th, I will relax. This dissertation worries me more than any of the exams do, and is actually worth more than any of the exams as well.


We watched Death Mills in our last Holocaust seminar today. I spent most of the film looking at my notebook. One corpse is enough to upset me, let alone thousands. I really wanted to cry, but I was too shocked to do so.